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Unable to update a record or insert related children records on a particular parent record.

I am trying to do a bulk insert of child records and all but one of my rows were successful.
The error on the failure is " Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria."
However, I have verified that everything is correct in the load record. This insert runs as a scheduled job so the only thing that changed was a date field. It ran correctly for this particular record successfully for 30 days prior to today. I tried a completely different schedule job that runs a bulk update. This 2nd job hits the parent record so the only common field on both jobs is the parent ID. The 2nd job yielded the same results, all but the one update succeeded and the error on the record in question was the same. So it appears the error is with the parent object's id, dbamp can't find the record but I've confirmed it still exists in salesforce. Side-note- when I replicate the table dbamp is definitely getting the parent record in question.
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