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upsert: bulkapi is not a valid operation

Just upgrading from version 3.1.5 to 3.5.2. A command that we have used for quite some time is failing with the following error: "Error: Invalid operation. bulkapi is not a valid operation." We did set up the Working, Blob and Trace (not left enabled) folders.

Our developer reported that the command appears to still be valid, based on the newest documentation.

Command failing: EXEC SalesForce.dbo.SF_BulkOps 'Upsert:bulkapi,parallel','Salesforce','Account_Full_Upsert','Account_Number__c'

I enabled the API trace to run this a few times, but I don't see anything in the folder. Hunch is it isn't getting that far. Error occurs at about 1 second of the start.
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