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Upserting Bulk data with setting up Audit fields and custom sort criteria with multiple data columns

Hello I intend to consider dbAmp software for data migration purpose. Before I decide to go for a trial, I have following questions. It will be a great help if I can get some answers to the following question::
My case object in SF is quite exhaustive and it has around 12 lookup fields with heavy degree of lookup skew in some of the fields. Intermittently we experience lock contention to a good degree. Hence the need to evaluate alternatives.

Q1: In case object, we need to set createdBy and CreatedDate fields to reflect the legacy data. Does sfBulkOps with bulkAPI switch allow this for insert and upsert operations?

Q2: Data preparation is key for alleviating lock contention in Bulk load, and we may need to provide data with custom sort order (dependent on multiple lookup columns). How would this work as in the documentation information about sort column is quite limited and doesn't explain how to use it in case where custom sort scenarios may be required.

Please let me know what choices do I have.


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  • Q1. Yes, you can set those fields based on your legacy data. You will just need to make sure the SF User being used by the linked server has the "Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation" option checked. For more information, take a look at the following article:

    Q2. In order to do what you want to do, follow the 3-step example below:

    1. Prepare the Load table with a Sort column using Identity:
    Create table Account_OrderByTest
    (Id nchar(18),
    Name nvarchar(100),
    AnnualRevenue decimal(18,2),
    Error nvarchar(255),
    Sort int Identity(1,1))

    2. Insert the records you want and in the order you into the Load table using order by:
    Insert into Account_OrderByTest (Id, Name, AnnualRevenue)
    select Id, Name, AnnualRevenue from Account
    Order by Name, AnnualRevenue

    3. Push the data to Salesforce based on the Sort column using SF_BulkOps
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