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Various fields breaking OLE DB Source component.

Hey guys,

Another SSIS issue here. Some fields for certain objects aren't working.

For instance:
FileExtension in ContentVersion
ParentId in AuthSession
LastFeedAccessDate in Collaboration Group Member

are a few. These are standard SF objects in an unaltered sandbox. The query

SELECT Id, CollaborationGroupId, MemberId, CollaborationRole, NotificationFrequency, CreatedDate, CreatedById, LastModifiedDate, LastModifiedById, SystemModstamp, LastFeedAccessDate FROM CollaborationGroupMember

returns: "Error 2033 : Field LastFeedAccessDate is not valid for object CollaborationGroupMember."

but upon removing LastFeedAccessDate the query performs fine.

Is there any way to detect these 'broken' fields with the soap api?
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