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WebServices API vs BulkAPI calls with PersonAccounts

We are using PersonAccounts in our org. If I use the WebServices API, the Upsert is working properly while using the IgnoreNulls flag.

When I try to use the BulkAPI flag, I get errors on my PersonAccount fields which I am not upserting with the WebServices API call.

Is there an easy way that i can populate my different recordtypes to different tables and call them using the SF_BulkOps sprocs? This would allow me to remove the fields that i am not interested in for PersonAccount and a Standard Account.

The calls I am using:
Working API call:
exec SF_BulkOps 'Upsert:IgnoreNulls', 'SALESFORCE', 'Account_Load', 'CIF__c'

Non working BulkAPI call:
exec SF_BulkOps 'Upsert:BulkAPI', 'SALESFORCE', 'Account_Load', 'CIF__c'
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