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What are the capacity considerations of DBAMP?

We are new to DBAmp
I have a potential client with over 1 million customer records on sequel server. They will generate about 250k new related transaction records per week. How long will it take to write the customer database to salesforce and Can DBAmp provide the capacity to write the additional transaction from the clients' Sequel server to salesforce?
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  • The problem with "how long will it take" estimates is that of the 3 items in the technology stack : DBAmp, SQL Server, server , only 1 is under my control (DBAmp). In fact, in most cases the server is the determining factor. Unfortunately, that is also the item that we have the least control over and no "quality of service" capability.

    I would recommend a proof of concept to determine whether the "speeds and feeds" will meet your requirements. Luckily, you can try to write 100K records and then expect linear response time to extrapolate to larger volumes.
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