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When to Refresh or Replicate

At what point does it become more advantageous to replicate a table or refresh it.

I have a table that I know is getting 30% to 100% of the record update. 10m record house file.

At what point is Replication of the table going to outperform a refresh? If at all.

Is there a point where replication makes sense based on the simple volume of updates. 100k, 500k , 1m, 5m...
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  • Normally, if there are that many records being updated in between SF_Refresh runs, then SF_Replicate would be more advantageous. SF_Refresh is built for incremental updates when some records change, so maybe up to ~50,000 records. For 30-100% of a 10 million row table, SF_Replicate would definitely be faster.

    Make sure you are using the bulkapi or pkchunk for replicates above 300,000 records or so. What version of DBAmp are you currently running?
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