A few ideas: Survivors, Cards for Supply Boxes and Searching killed zombies

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Hi, I have some ideas for the game that I find would be useful. Let me know if some of them have already been posted or if you like them :)

Survivors: Increasing their total number.
Since we have 10 beds, it's logical to think that we can only have 10 survivors. The fact is, we have 14 slots in the survivors list. So... Could we use the remaining slots? I think yes. It's very simple. Let's think what will happen if all our survivors were in the compound.
We have 10 beds, so that's 10 survivors who could be resting/sleeping/recovering from injuries. We have 3 watchtowers, and when we get to put some actual survivors in it we could have 3 more survivors added to our compound. We have now 13 survivors who could be taking shifts between sleeping and standing guard on the watchtowers.
There's one more left, who could be out of the building checking the perimeter. That would make a total of 14 survivors, fitting every slot in the survivors list. We would then be able to have 3 groups going out on missions, only the last one will just have 4 members on it.

Zombies: Searching some rotten bodies.
When I get on a mission and search a small building, even if it's a high level one, I can get up to 2-3 minutes left after searching every possible spot with my scavenger, which I use only to kill zombies and gain more experience while I wait until I run out of time. Then I thought... Maybe some of the zombies were carrying useful stuff when they got infected? Metal, cloth or wood scraps, gear (since some of them seem to be from the HERC), some junk items which could be recycled... So I figured out that there could be a small percentage of them (obviously, as rotting progresses they are most likely to lose them, or making the survivors not want to use anything that comes from them) that could be searched after we kill them. Those ones would not disappear, they would look a bit like the bodies we can find and our scavengers (well, or any other member, since they all can but a scavenger is faster) could search them. The ones I said that look like HERC members (the ones wearing orange isolation suits) could even be wearing cards to open the supply boxes (that would be obviously a very rare item to find). I was thinking that maybe a 10-15% of the zombies could be searched.

Crafting: HERC Cards.
I think those cards are really expensive, and since recycling the boxes doesn't give us any items, a good engineer (a high level one) could craft fake card to open them. We will also need a high level crafting bench (maybe we could use the gear's one), and to make things more complicated, if what I said before was done (scavenging zombies' bodies) you could craft them only after finding (or buying) a real one, to take as a model. Obviously, the fake cards wouldn't work as well as the real ones, and depending on the skill of your engineer, you will have a lower or higher percentage of succeeding in opening the crate with your fake card. If you fail, the crate would be destroyed because the card would get stuck (or something like that), so you have to take the risk.
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Another one:
Adding a colour filter which can be switched on/off to better identify the buildings in each section of the city. Divided by:
- Residences
- Stores (hardware, supermarkets, guns and convenience)
- Armories (Police Stations or Security buildings)
- Warehouses
- Others (mainly hospitals and offices)

This way it would be easier to aim for a certain type of building: if you are searching for ressources, locate the stores or the warehouses, if you want weapons, look for security and police stations and so on.
Maybe you could also make that in order to add a building to this colored pattern, you must have visited it before, or something like that.
The streets don't need to be coloured, as they are easily identified and have more or less the same kind of items, independently of their level.

Just thought of this because I am currently aiming for the hardware stores and some of them are difficult to find :P
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Suggestion: Don't piggyback on someone else's idea post that has nothing to do with this idea. This point is good enough to have it's own post. I've wanted this myself.
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especially for streets, I hate hovering my mouse around to find which one was the street mission.
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there is already a filter, you can click on the icons to the left to see what location gives which loot. that way it's easy to find street missions etc
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@ Felix I've learnt something new
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Thank you Felix, I didn't knew that!
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1) I've never understood the whole "have only 10 survivors, and put 3 of them on a separate page" thing. Five on page 1 and five and page 2 would at least be equitable. If we're gonna have this random 7 thing, let's get 4 more people. I can fit more beds in the compound, darn it.

2) Love this.

3) Yet another idea to get stuff that ultimately takes money away from Con & Co. Opposed. At least you made it have drawbacks. However, it's already been stated that future tasks will award cards, that'll be enough.
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Didn't knew about the tasks awarding cards. I know the third point could be problem.
By the way, I think I didn't piggyback another one post to add the fourth suggestion, since I started this thread myself :P or maybe I didn't understood you and you meant that someone else had the colour grid idea (in which case, I would like to have the link to that post to give my support).
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Ah, sorry, I thought that it was two different people talking. But honestly, the idea is good enough to stand alone. I think separate ideas should have separate posts, in order for it to be voted upon correctly.
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It's seems that there's already some kind of filter in the map window, if you click on one of the icons at the left, to show which buildings have ressources, which ones have food, etc...
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Crafting keycards. A bad idea.
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I actually think that you have a viable idea on how to craft keycards. I like the idea of having a risk of nothing, and also for it to be time consuming as to limit a player to not mass produce keycards.
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I Think that all are amazing ideas, but... I not agree with crafting keycards, it is the Chriss Condon (Con), income, we cannot let without money to our mastermind designer... about, looting on zombies I have been thinking it too... I usually make all lootable places in 1.5 minutes, other time is used in killing zombies to get experience... scravenge the corpses will take 5 seconds per body, will make harder the game (you have just one gun, or two shooting), and will be more interesting, because will not just be stand to shooting as mad.

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All are brilliant suggestions. Unfortunately, I don't think the HERC Key Cards, like Fuel, are ever going to be something that are modified. They want to make money off the game somehow, so they will always keep some items very limited in game but purchaseable and others available exclusively to those who buy them. Getting the keycards with fuel is ridiculous becuase they cost so much, but that's how the developers will sucker people out of money.
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+1 about everything, my girl!
-1 about the HERC keycards being crafted