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Con (Official Rep) February 27, 2012 22:40

Changelog - v1.01

• Reduced minimum cost of speed ups to 5 fuel from 15 fuel
• Reduced injury recovery times by 66%
• Made finding Fuel 25% easier
• Increased the likelihood of finding food on missions
• Reduced the likelihood of finding water on missions
• Changed level of infected during compound attacks to be an average of survivor levels

Weapon Balance
• Changed the way weapon damage increases to make them more competitive with equivalent level weapons
• Increased range of Improvised SMG
• Decreased range of AR556 slightly
• Changed the minimum and maximum levels of a number of weapons

• Fixed non-searchable search spots in a number of scenes
• Fixed Convenience Store location image
• Fixed Golden AK skin
• Fixed Facebook share descriptions
• Fixed a number of "flickering" models