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Con (Official Rep) March 01, 2012 03:33

Changelog - v1.02

• Added XP bars to survivors in Survivor screen
• Unique images for shoes, glasses, gloves and hand wrap gear types
• Unique images for ammo pouch gear type
• Weapon specialties displayed on survivor and equipment screens
• Various new interface additions/modifications

Weapon Changes
• Increased damage of Baseball Bat and changed level range
• Increased damage of Spiked Bat and changed level range

• Changed weapon types / classes in preparation for new gear
• Adjusted rarity of all resource finds in the world
• Adjusted a number of building material requirements to make resource usage more evenly distributed
• Looted production buildings can only be looted to 50% now
• Changed weapon specialties for most classes
• Recon role changed to prefer ranged weapons
• Various adjustment to survivor class stats
• World map now uses less memory - hoping to fix black screen issues

• Made arrival of final survivor possible
• Various server and game stability fixes
• Melee movement and attacks made to work better
• Path finding fixes (zombies walking through barricades, etc)
• Animation system issues (scarecrow / t-pose survivors) fixed
• Attack reports now show the correct amount stolen from victims
• Recon role skills now level correctly
• Various memory usage issues fixed
• Lots of general and minor fixes
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