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Con (Official Rep) November 22, 2012 00:09

Changelog - v1.0935 - Fixes

We've spent the last few days organizing some long awaited bug fixes.

- List rooms in Public chat using the /listrooms command (/ls for short)
- Add players to a contact list in chat by clicking their name
- Show contact list using the command /contacts
- Manage your contact list using /add username /remove username
- Added higher levels of zombie dogs

- Survivors can no longer dodge while scavenging or healing
- Ammunition mods now only support firearms
- Added extra components to a number of scoped weapons in crafting
- Added more zombie dog types to zombie list - making them more common
- Increased Ammo Cost for CR-553
- Increased effectiveness of Shooting Gloves
- Reduced Search Party achievement to 30,000 containers from 100k
- Changed rarity of mods for weapons, making Purple weapons more common
- Changed rarity of mods for gear to make Purple gear less common
- Reduced amount of ammunition from drops by about 10%
- Redesigned the Warehouse map to ensure there's no issues with scavenging
- Changed Zombie threat values and behavior towards buildings
- Increased frequency of dogs

- Fixed bug causing zombies to stand still during compound attacks
- Major fixes to memory usage
- Traps break disarming state of survivors when triggered
- Wire traps cancel effects on survivors when disarmed
- Fixed traps becoming active during Zombie compound attacks when disabled
- Fixed survivors returning to previous guard point when scavenging cancelled
- Fixed weapon requirements not being displayed for gear items
- Fixed Defensive loadout equipped icon not being displayed for gear item
- Fixed Retrain confirmation dialogue showing incorrect levels
- Fixed causing Recycler progress not displaying on some occassions
- Fixed traps becoming active during compound attacks when option was disabled
- Fixed survivors using attributes from wrong loadouts
- Forced survivors to reset guard point if they can't reache their target
- Fixed survivors running back and forth between positions when hitting obstacles
- Fixed zombies getting stuck on some obstacle corners and getting the shakes
- Fixed survivors unable to find a path and continuing to try and run away
- Disabled 'Retrain' if survivor is away, injured or currently being retrained
- Fixed survivor survivor stats not updating for offsensive/defensive loadout
- Fixed nearby zombies running through compound gates after closing them
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