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Con (Official Rep) February 27, 2013 05:04

Changelog v1.099 - The F.U.E.L Generator

The F.U.E.L Generator Update!

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F.U.E.L Generator
- New building that allows you to convert resources into a small amount of fuel
- Once restocked, the building will begin it's fuel generation process
- This process takes around 46 hrs
- Collecting Fuel that is generated will empty the machine and restocking is needed
- Collecting when full has the possibility of providing a small amount of bonus fuel
- The F.U.E.L Generator can be raided by other players
- When raided the F.U.E.L Generator will be emptied of it's fuel
- When raided the F.U.E.L Generator will need to be restocked to start again
- Fuel drops have been adjusted slightly to compensate

Bonus Collections
Collecting from your resource producing buildings now has a chance to yield a small amount of bonus materials. This only occurs when the building is full.


- Destroyed explosive traps now stay in place and show destroyed models
- Traps can now be "repaired" instead of being rebuilt
- Repairing traps uses the same items as building them

PvP Raiding
- Added upper and lower level limits to PvP
- You are now unable to attack a player more than 5 levels higher than you
- Changed the "retaliation system" to ignore level limits
- You can now revenge attack someone back regardless of circumstances

- Reduced amount of resources given from resource drops for wood, cloth, metal
- Added scaling of Fuel drops to counter players farming low level areas

- Changed collection icon to be green to distinguish it from the red repair icon
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