Hotfix - v1.094 build 74

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  • Updated 3 years ago
Change to automated missions - base return time is now set to 15 mins for all automated missions.

Was an error in the calculation when we reduced all the standard mission return times by 50% for the Deathmobile update.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hiya Con,

I wanted to report an minor issue and related suggestion that this fix has reminded me of.

When doing high level(20%+) missions, it's seemingly impossible to find small quantities of fuel like bottles. This means if a players wants to reach his/her fuel cap of the day, they'd need to go scavenge low level zones.

Filling up the cap wasn't too hard if you automated 1-3 low level missions for those last remaining bottles. Don't get me wrong, it's still doable but a lot less convenient.
So my question would be if it's possible to make the lower quantities of fuel also scavengable at the highest level zones, removing the need of scrounging low levels area's altogether.

Thanks and keep up the great game. :)

TL;DR : Could there be lower quantities of fuel (eg.bottles) at high level zones?
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Yes this i get around 4-6 extra fuel per day and its just annoying to do lv1 missions to hit cap...

Or just make it stack for 2-3 days so eventually you will get 3x 10 fuel at high level mission.
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Can I just make sure I'm not going mad. The return time now for all missions that would take 5 minutes (non-automated) is now set at 15 mins automated?

Not, as is stated here, ALL automated mission return times are set to 15 minutes (as the only missions that would be 15 minutes return would be those). And if the rest of the missions are roughly doubled in time (10min = 20min, 15min = 35min), why is it that the 5min is 15min? Seems harsh.

Of course I'm moaning, I don't get much time to play the game, and being able to clear the level 1/2 missions quickly for some basic supplies is handy.

Have to say though, all things being equal, amazing game and kudos to you guys at Con for all your hard work.
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level 1 manual mission 5 min returntime
level 1 auto mission15 min returntime
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Thanks Dog, I knew that was the case, it just seemed odd and I know it's as a result of the fix. If I was lucky enough to have the spare time that others seem to have I wouldn't have even mentioned it.

Moan moan, whinge whinge ;)
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Not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed at this, quickly clearing the level 1 areas around my compound was part of my daily routine. :(
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I agree with Lee_BFD, it's quite disappointing. At least update the indicated time for the automated missions to display 15 min, cause currently it still says 5 min (Be careful not to waste any fuel on clicking the "speed up" button, assuming it's free like I did)
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I think it should stick with the old 5 min delay for automated lvl 1 and 2 missions, despite it being an error. Just say it's a newbie-friendly tweak to scrounge some extra food, water and fuel scraps, make the game less harsh in the beginning. It hardly makes a difference later on.
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I realy gave up the game at the moment CON made this change, but seems like it went back to the 5 min, or it's just an error here in my game (hope not). Well I'm back to game now and hoping this 5min remain the way it is.
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yeah i just had that too.

5 minutes and speed up was for free & worked. same even after refreshing and retrying.
so either thx for the change or one for your employees needs some spanking. xD