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Is this a glitch?

Hi, I have noticed this problem when I meet the requirements to get a new survivor. It happened with my last 3 survivors obtained and I would like to know if someone else has this problem.

When I meet all the requirements while I am playing (let's say, a construction is finished or you get the amount of food/water required during a mission, while scavenging) the new survivor will not appear until you reload the game, even when the progress bar is full.

The last time I experienced this was yesterday, when I loaded my game and the requirements for getting my ninth survivor were met. I had a few notices about building being completed, and I met the requirements (I even had more points than the needed in most of the progress bars). The progress bar was full, but no survivor was added. Only when I reloaded the game, it showed.

It also happens that the "new survivor message" that appeared before no longer shows (the one that said something like "John/Jane Doe got to your compound and is now part of your survivors. Give him a role"). I only see a stranger walking around LOL.

Well, it's not really a problem, since it gets resolved by itself, it just bugs me a little :)
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