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Con (Official Rep) December 03, 2012 21:20

New Feature: Books - Coming Soon

While Sev has been busily working away at the Trading system, Steve and I have been working on another feature that we feel will change the way a lot of players play the game.


These aren't your Grandad's reading material.

The Basics
Scattered through the Dead Zone is a plentiful bounty of reading material. Reading material that when equipped can pass on small amounts of knowledge to it's holder.

- Each player has 4 slots to put effect items into
- Only one of each category of book can be equipped at a time
- All books can be found at any level, making them useful trade currency
- The effectiveness of books will vary
- Some books will have small benefits but will be permanent
- Some books will have large benefits but will be time limited and consumable

There are currently 5 categories of book:
- Combat
- Mission
- Survival
- Resource
- General

The Positive Books
The positive effects that most of the books have when equipped are hugely varied.

The types of things you can expect are:

- Increasing XP from missions
- Reducing Ammo Cost on missions
- Boosting Morale
- Increasing your inventory cap
- Increasing food and water production rates
- Increased crafting chance

The Challenge Books
In opposition to the positive effects books, we'll also be introducing Challenge Books. These are specifically design to allow players to shape their version of the game to a more hardcore experience.

I'm sure most of you remember when I asked you all what you would do to make the game harder? This is why I was asking. Most of these came from that thread.

The types of challenge books you can expect are:

- Increased zombie health and damage
- Increased water and food usage
- Decreased loot drops
- Increased injury times
- Reduced mission times
- Increase to ammo cost

Using challenge books at the moment is just to allow you to modify the game to your liking. In future, they will play a much larger part to an upcoming system.

Consumable Books
Most books will have a consumable version that once equipped will only last for a set period. These are much more powerful than their permanent alternatives. Once they're put into a slot, they cannot be removed until the timer has been run down.

Locked In
Most permanent books will have a "Lock In" time associated with them. Whereby they are locked to that slot until the time runs down. This could range from a few minutes to a few days. This is to stop exploitation of the system by swapping books in and out to suit the situation.

Getting & Trading Books
They'll drop like any other item, but they won't be tied to levels. The idea is that these books work as a useful trade currency as they'll be useful to everyone playing the game. Allowing high and low level players to interact and trade them.

We'll also have a number of books that are only available in the store, these will be reserved for items that we feel that we need stricter control over.

Trading permanent books will be allowed, as long as they're in your inventory and not currently active. Consumable books will also be available to trade, remember though that equipping them once will use them up.

Books Books Books
Currently we have around 70 different books planned and that's just the base ones. With the variation in stats that will be applied to them, we're looking at around 550 different items.

We haven't even got into the strange ones that mix the effects up. Increased injury times with a dash of XP boost anyone?
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