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Maybe we could have a recycle all button, when we want to recycle both the entire stack of junk, and the entire junk inventory tab.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Ideally it would fill up all your stocks, stop if recycling a piece of junk would put you over your limit, and notify you what crafting stuff you got besides resources.
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Implementing features like this (and writing good code to go along with said features) usually makes the difference between a good game and a great game. Hopefully Con Artist has the time and resources to really polish this game into the gem it could be.
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might be better to choose amount of items for recyclying... as setting one by one is bit boring..
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what do you think would be added hold shift then click? its hard to think of you kno
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agree with this one, dont think con thought about what it was like to recycle 100 nails...
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It is really annoying to recycle one at a time. I'd suggest either a "recycle all" like Theron said, or a "select amount" like the selling is done in "Project Wasteland 0." If you haven't played that, the selling feature is like when you click to sell an item, a little window pops up and you can set a specific amount or "sell all". It'd be super helpful when i want to recycle 80 of 100 nails...which is ridiculously tedious.
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Lol don't recycle your nails, they are a pain to come by later on.
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Select amount would be better because if you recycle all you might be over your maximum amount of resources and if you really need to on the Select amount you can still put in the max number
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The better way would be for Con Artist to put code in that checks to see how much room you have for your resources and only recycles as much as you can hold when selecting "recycle all". Otherwise it is creating unneeded hassle and overhead for the player that offers no benefit. Granted, this is not a game-breaker issue even in its current state but the more polished they can make it, the better it will be for players and that should equate to more money for them. Win-win as they say. :)
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Or it you can select multiple items to recycle as well. Like if you needed to recycle nails, screws, wire, and fitted sheets. You could shift + click them, and then select the number for each item that you wanted to recycle. That would help a lot also.
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Quick fix would also be to double-click the inventory item to instantly auto-recycle a single item without prompts
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I would suggest for example control+leftclick = autorecycle 1 quantity of the item. That would be very fast to recycle all junk if you want but also if you just want some materials of this or that.
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I would like to see something like this, a select all or quantity button. Tedious to recycle one at a time, very time consuming.
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A table would probably be a good approach to this. your first column has the item icon, the following columns have the items it will provide and the last column has the recycle button. but even if you leave it as is its a great game.
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still waiting for con to include this update. I think this was also an issue during the union city testing.
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convenient idea there!
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One thing I'd like is a click-and-drag interface, filtered by material. You just drag materials from your inventory into a box and that's all turned into resource. It doesn't allow you recycle more than you have, it's sorted by material, etc.

Simple and intuitive.
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I was thinking that Con could put a 'recycle' button in the inventory screen (at the bottom next to the page right and page left buttons) and if you clicked that on then each click on an item would recycle 1 of that item. I would even make the button have an 'are you sure' promp when you clicked on it as I would hate to accidently click it and then also accidentaly click on the gun that I just found. (Though if I did that then I guess that I deserved it)
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I think another idea would be a key that you could hold down (like shift or control) and click on an item to have it recycled once without any confirmation message popping up at all. In my opinion that would make recycling one or two of an item more streamlined than clicking a conformation button over and over again.
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I really need this button. For some items (like the spoon :P) I have 12 of them, and to sort them is a pain. I really wish they had a recycle till max button
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Lucas Cheung

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Recycle weapons should have a button that u click and then click on the weapons u want to recycle and it recycles the selected weapons.
same with gear also.
Junk and crafting items should be the same but should pop out the amount either specific number or all.
And then show u the total amount recycled for both.
There should be the current recycled scrap somewhere in the box also.
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Brent Connell

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What about a Recycle till full button
to recycle all until a unit is full say press recycle button get a confirm message along the lines of are you sure you want to recycle you say yes or what ever then it will recycle all if say your wood goes full then it will start to continue to recycle everything else cept wood
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Hoping this makes the next update, seems like an easy fix for an issue that affects everyone.
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I love this idea, i hate painstakingly recycling 500 worth of junk every time i want to upgrade or build something.
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definatly agree to this , but maybe when selecting the amount to recycle give an equals next to it of the amount of resources that will be gained so the player can do the math themselves?
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I suggest a scroll bar
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Epic ms paint skills. I like this except the scrolling part. I hate scrolling, why not just increase the size of the pop up seeing as you arent doing anything else when its open. This way all information is displayed.
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@cheesepuffs I think the idea of the scroll thing is not to scroll through a window. Its to set the amount of resource that is being gained... But yeah, totally like the idea of a scrollbar, but with a selection to recycle all as well.
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Kevin Polanski

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rough draft. Besides, you can just drag the scroll to max, that is why it is there
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good point! thats just what i need! amout and how much u will gain
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let the players recycle all and it makes u'r game easier to play
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Oww, I hope that button comes in the next update!! >.< I hate to recycle all my items one by one.
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Yeah, you will get "Use fuel to recycle instantly" ;>
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Most likely you are right...

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