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Maybe we could have a recycle all button, when we want to recycle both the entire stack of junk, and the entire junk inventory tab.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Michael Aznfriedrice Kee

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i agree to the concept the title is abit throwing though. i thought you mean to recycle the entire inventory
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nuh michael cause if u did that u'd be for ever wasting excess resources right ppl
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Con, Official Rep

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Official Response
We have plans to make recycling junk items more managable.
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Jonathan Laig

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Thankz I hope its in the next update
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i concer with jonathan
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Christopher Luke Phillips

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Alex Thompson

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i CANT stress any more about this please put this recycle all button NOW!
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Jose Carlos Desouza

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yeah i think we defently need we asap cause i got around 73 staplers (or whatever it is) and im kinda lazy to recycle them one by one and im needing to make some upgrades so yeah we need it asap
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Ryunosuke Musami

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I suggest make a Recycle mode.

When access this mode. the inventory will separate to 2 inventory left is all your item and right is the item you want to recycle.
Left part - Item inventory
just like normal inventory in game now.
You can see a material gain form that item just by mouse over it.
When click on a item you will move it to recycle inventory at the right part one by one.(If you want to recycle 10 stack items you have to spamming click it 10 time)

Right part - recycle inventory
This part show the item that you add from your item inventory.
And also show the sum of all the material you gain by the item you select so far.
Have 2 button. 1st is confirm the recycle and 2nd is to cancel the recycle task.
When you click on the item it will move back to your item inventory.(deselect it)

Sorry for my bad English.

Hope this idea can improve your game even more.
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Cole Green Edry

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Definitely, I was going to make an outline with pretty much just this. you could activate this somewhere on the screen by pressing "recycle mode" or whatever. Very helpful pleaseeeee
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Not recycle all with one button but to chose the number then we want to recycle.
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Alex Waite

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42 Broken Drawers
3 Mouse Clicks Each
126 Left Mouse Clicks

My Hand's developing Carpal Tunnel just thinking about it...
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Thomas Çong

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4 large barricades, 800 cloth, 160 bandages/cloth scraps/nylon straps recycled... 480 mouse clicks.
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Kristoffer Wildborn

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My mouse died on my just now when i were recycling 500 nails.. Using my old backup mouse... Woho!
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um, nails are quite usefull tbh...
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Zane Wong

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you better make it quick, this game is getting old real fast without resources
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Bobo Link

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Con mentions here that there will be no instantaneous, easy recycling.
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Rork Micky

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Ehh, with most of my time spent recycling the huge amount of hangers and broken drawers I have, this game is pretty boring now.
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Rork Micky

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Probably will be something, but will use fuel. Since fuel is no longer found in game, sucks for those of us too poor to spend real money.
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Yuri Ivanov

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I like this idea, it is very time consuming to go through your entire inventory recycling stuff especially when its stacked up high.

Also a good idea may be to have a NPC do a caravan thing where you can sell your junk for Resources you need or fuel or something.
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Derek Rice

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Some way to mass recycle should be a definite priority at this point. The database storage alone should be a reason to get this implemented. I have so much gear that I don't won't, but spending an hour hitting recycle one by one isn't how I want to spend my time playing the game.

Crafting really needs to come quickly too. Piling up crafting resources waiting for that feature to come along....
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Tyler Shear

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41 minutes ago they introduced a new building called the Recycler. It recycles 20 items at a time and can recycle 60 if upgraded. Here is the changelog:
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Alex Waite

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yeah, but I didnt get the mats that were recycled. I was supposed to get 140 wood out and nails, and i got nothing
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Travis Young

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So we can recycle what we want for no time limit individually, but now we need to wait 30+ minutes for what can be done manually in 5..

Loving this new game, but I've always hated the waiting game on every Facebook app... so is the recycling wait time really necessary?
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I agree with Travis if we are going to have a building that causes us to wait to recycle things then the waiting period on the recycler need to be reduced because otherwise it defeats the purpose of recycling many objects at once. Another idea would be that if we need to wait a longer period of time then we should at least make the recycler more efficient then recycling without one that way it gives some reason to use the recycler's long waiting time
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Marek Viktorín

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k recyklaci se chci také zeptat, zda-li by při ukázání předmětu bylo možné zobrazit co z toho bude.
Nevím jestli to je v angličtině psané, ale já jako čech musím vše odklikávat dvakrát tolik.

to recycle I want to also ask whether the display object to be able to show what happens.
I do not know if it's written in English, but I like everything I bohemia odklikávat twice as much.

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