Select and move all survivors at once.

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I think it would be very helpful to allow a drag and select for all survivors to allow them to move as a single unit. With, the ability to select two while two others stay put and vice versa, along with any amount that the player wants to select. This would make guiding the survivors a lot easier.
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Yes please. Not being able to select multiple characters makes it really hard to make mad dashes for the exit when the clock's ticking down.
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yeah i agree i think it sshould be ctrl + click and drag over survivors
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Yep - planned for after release. Probably will be double click to select nearby survivors.
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Or, ctrl + click on their pictures to select multiple and move them all as a unit.
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you can also use the number keys (1,2,3,4,5,6,etc) if you need to get your survivors out of a place quickly. its already in the game.
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Yes, the 1-5 keys will select your survivors (NOT in fullscreen mode though, the number keys are not active when running fullscreen - this is a Flash player limitation).

The TAB key will also cycle through your survivors.

As Con mentioned, multi-select is planned for the future.
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With the top-down style with the almost RTS feel going on during missions and attacks, Yes, a select all option feels essential. Drag and drop won't work, but the ctrl + seems like a nice feature.
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Wouldn't it be easier to attach a "Hotkey" to the "Select all" command?

Like, pressing the "o" key (the one to the left of number 1) will select all your survivors

A picture of a group, near the pictures of all the characters. That way you can select the group by clicking on the image or pressing "o"

It's near number 1 so, easy to use.

Just throwing ideas ;D
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True, I only have a laptop but no right-click button (mac) so it might be better to just set a hotkey to select them all.
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or like using the letter f "following" easier to remember and all keyboards have it.
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Yeah I was thinking a 'follow' command would be more helpful than a 'select all' or at least a different kind of helpful. Mainly so I can have a fighter following my scavengers lol
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like pick a guy and press "F" so nearby men (women) well follow him
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ya that's a good idea.
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good to hear this is gonna be added but how about making a survivor follow another survivor for example im playing like this, my main characther is a fighter and my other member is a scavanger so somehow making my main man follow the looter closely and when stoping still shooting/attacking zombies that get in range, it can save up time when i always need to individualy send them seperatly
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like a guard unit button? i have two fighters and two scavengers and i tend to split the buildings or streets, in two with one fighter and one scavenger going to each place, a guard unit button would be very handy
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I absolutely agree. A "buddy system" with a fighter guarding a scavenger would be ideal!
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I actually created an "idea" ticket for that a couple days ago:

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well im level 21 now and i have the same free under 5 min return time , don't you think with every level should be more than just 5 min . like level 21 should be under 30 min or 40 :D . nice game good job .
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Cant wait! :D
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With this there should come the idea of a "no limit to survivors on a single mission" I think the whole ONLY 5 survivors thing is kinda limiting. With the drag and select multiple units option, you could easily allow for selecting those units and pressing Shift + (1-5) to make up to 5 different groups. That would be more efficient than having just 5 people in a mission because it's challenging enough to try and scavenge all items in an area, especially a big one! With more survivors per mission you can scout around alot more and have survivors cover each other while scavenging. Another thought: With a group of survivors selected and clicking on a scavenge item, 1 survivor should be sent to scavenge while the others cover him/her.
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While it can be challenging on lower levels, once you get to a certain point you can do most missions with a 2 unit team easy. :)
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Okay I just got back on The Last Stand DZ and just realized.. survivors don't get experience for automating a mission?? What the heck?:/
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Yes; as far as I know Con hasn't stated why this is but my assumption is that it is for two reasons: 1) Con wants this to be a game you are rewarded for playing 2) an automated system has a lot more potential for abuse (by scripts and the like).

But those are just my guesses.
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Yeah make it, i attack a level 14 (i was 18) and i lost, HOW LOL , cuz a cant kill 2 riflerman with 1 survivor runing to kill (using rifle too)
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If you select all, and click on a loot item, it should send a scavenger or the survivor with the highest scavenging skill to go scavenge it, then the other survivors can protect their buddy.
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are you able to select all?
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maybe take a leaf out of the RTS book and make a command where you can set a group with (ctrl-1,2,3) as group one once you've highlighted the people you'd like in a particular team that way you can have different groups doing cover fire and other groups scavenging. If that is too hard to code, then making a the tidle key ~ a select all survivors would be helpful to get them all back. It's also irritating when you're trying to get people to the same area and end up clicking to select the person already at the spot rather than moving the one that you want to move to the same area.
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even without groups at all, numbers 1 - 5 to select survivors will be sufficent
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This is a great idea, Its kind of difficult to quickly select all your group members when they are under attack at a location. It'll make it 100% easier and more strategy like
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just don't allow the select all survivors to be able to be used in a attacking function just move function........!!!!!!
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yeah just like battle reamls or warcraft
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The game's looking and feeling alot like Fallout Tactics, especially with the post-apocalyptic theme that it has going.

The only thing we need now are some drivable vehicles to go raiding with, and maybe some super mutants for good measure.
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Maybe not drag and select - but there is other way. Team pairing. I used mainly range weapons of diferent type and caliber and i`m unbeatable vs the Zombies cos of range covering one by another survivor. So i think it should be bether to have some kind of link/button to help you do your survivals in missions as pairs. And to be able to select 2-3 survivals that are linked (paired in group) with one click of that group.
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Just to add to this but in addition to selecting all survivors could you add an "evacuate" button that orders your selected survivors back to the exit zone(s)? This would really help in some of the larger maps where it might take a few precious seconds to select everyone and then manually scroll to the exit zone and click on it.
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Or you could set a rally flag down like in the compound. And have a button that says "Rally Point" that makes all your members (or just the one you clicked) to go where ever you put the flag at. Well..... it sounded good in my head at the moment. Not sure how helpful a rally point would be in a raid scenario, actually. But it's an idea, and maybe someone can work off that.
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thats the best idea iv read so far Richard :P
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Maybe a setting that allows you to set aggressive stances for survivors, so melee weapon carriers wont run in and attack hordes, only if they are attacked
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con can you make a peace mode and attack mode. peace mode = dont attack enemy insight and the attack mode = survivors attack enemy insight
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lol you can use 1 2 3 4 5 in your qwerty and besides they wont move to the same spot if you have an all move command...collision problem

the only thing i want is that we can use these short cuts in full screen mode you just control 5 how hard would it be lol

and im using auto now since i have 7 toons you can do double raid in 1 manual mode and 1 auto or 2 auto's if you feel lazy

@james orbe

they already made those changes in 1.04 when the zombie aint aggro they wont hit it but once threat rises all out attack is initiated

edit: ~corrections
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I agree with Jarrod with cntrl+click or shift+click for selecting multiple people but can we PLEASE change it so you click on their portrait to select someone/anyone? I don't know how many times I tried to click a destination for a person to move up with the group and it seems like it's one pixel to close to another survivor and it switches over to that survivor then I gotta go back down and click their protrait again meanwhile that lone survivor is swarmed with rots and it sucks cuz to lose people like that or try and cram 5 people one of the tiny safe zones only to find yourself accidentally changing to the other people and time runs out and again you lose a survivor because if this
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Awesome idea here!!! have to put that in