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Supply Box Every day! Random gift!


Idea 1: I have this idea about supply box which dropped by Army Helicopters for survivals. I think this is suitable idea for this game which also work as daily random gift by pick up supply box in the safe house zone.

Idea 2: Supply box is also work as zombie attack period. This is because of the army helicopter which create sound & help to attract zombies in safe house zone. In this attack survival need to survive till the Army Helicopter left that zone.
After end of this zombie attack we can able to pickup that supply box.

Items can be obtained from supply box:
24hr protection to safe zone, Food, Water, Production Materials, craft items, powerful weapons, Army Gear, Army Cloth

& other remaining items.

[Note: There should be custom Leader cloth where he can change his appearance by changing his cloth which help to wear Army cloth obtained from supply box ]
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