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Con (Official Rep) November 02, 2012 04:20

The Task Update [ PREVIEW ]

Hey guys - new update coming for you. Very likely it will be next week.

Survivor Requests
The survivors you have in your compound will occasionally request that you carry out tasks for them. They'll look at the things you need to do around your compound and ask for your help.

- Keep up resource supplies
- Getting combat experience
- Assistance in leveling up

For each of these requests there's an XP or morale reward as well as a morale penalty that gets applied if you don't complete them in time.

Dead Zone Tasks
The Dead Zone tasks are community tasks that the entire player base contributes to. It could be anything from collecting an amount of resources or certain items, to killing X amount of zombies or even raiding or helping people.

These tasks are time limited and you need to contribute to receive the rewards associated with them.

For both types of tasks - you'll also need to collect them in a certain timeframe.

Regular Tasks
I'm currently working on tasks for level 15-23, they're all planned, I just need to implement them. Should have them done for this update as well.

Stuff to do!

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