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Photo of Luis Camilo Millan Velazques
impossible raid
i want to report him cause i am sure that a lvl 12 medic can`t kill em all and destroy the buildings,if that is possible i will apologize...
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Photo of Anthony Manalili
Country Percentage
Do you have info about percentage of Filipino players and other countries as well? Just heard to someone that there are 60% of gamers of ...
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Photo of jakewedding
More Gear Per Person
I think we should have more gear per person, allowing for us to equip our Guys with much more, as I don't think because you have shoes, y...
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Photo of Nick Dalrymple
pause button
how bout making like a pause button sorta thing when for when ur in the middle of a mission and you need to go do other things
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Photo of Kulu Kutuy
individual raid award!!
why?? i dont have a reward for individual raiding whats happen! i get 165 points for raiding! why i dont have a reward
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