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I’m confused

Should I start a new/related debate or edit the existing one?

In the debate on bank holidays, someone has made the point that EU countries have an average of 11 holidays a year and then suggests we should match them. I agree as it happens but surely that means this debate should be asking for 3 extra bank holidays - can I retrospectively change the title of the debate? Should I start a new debate calling for 3 extra holidays a year or, if I want to make this point in the structure of the debate do I put it on the for or against side of the argument? Hmmmm ... Help please.
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  • I think you may want to do a couple of things. You could start a new debate arguing for three more holidays a year (and a soon to come, related-debates feature, will link the two together). Or you could create a new point on this debate saying three days is needed not one (which could be a for or against point depending on how you word the substantiation.

    However, I wouldn't change the title of the debate. There may be other points which refer to one day's holiday which would also have to be changed. And I feel the title of the debate should only be changed for spelling or grammar reasons.
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