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Book not in any shelf

I've fastidiously organized my library by bookshelf...but I suspect I have some lingering orphans.

Is there a way to make a rule/search for books that are in a Delicious library not NOT assigned to any bookshelf?
  • Don’t have access to my computer at the moment to check but I believe I used List view to solve this problem in the past. View whole Library as a List and add a column for Shelf Name. Then sort your Library in order based on Shelf Name. Items with no designated Shelf (blank) will be first.

    Don’t forget to change back to your preferred sort when you are finished.

    You can’t use a rule/search to ID items with No shelf. DL3 will assign items found to the Search shelf, which means they are now on a Shelf which then removes them from the search. A logic failure situation.
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