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DL2 on Dropbox

I have a MPB and a G5, and I like to keep my DL library the same on both.
For a long while I used an Applescript to sync them.
Then I learned of a way to use Dropbox to keep my DL 1 library so it could be used from either machine.

Well, I've slowly been moving to DL2, and figured I should see if the same method works for DL2, and it does.

Basiclly you copy the DL2 application support folder to your drop box to store the DL2 data file. Then you create a symbolic link between it and your application support folder. This makes DL2 go to Dropbox for your data (the meta cache stays on each machine).

The instructions I had for DL1 said you had to use UNIX links, rather than mac aliases for this...I don't recall why. I don't know if it's the same for DL2, but i did it anyway, as it's pretty easy.

1) create a folder in your DropBox called AppSync
2) go to your Application Support folder and copy the "Delicious Library 2" folder to the AppSync folder in Drop Box.
3) Delete the "Delicious Library 2" folder. (This step is very important!!! BUT do not empty your trash, until after you get the new set up working).
4) open terminal and create the link by entering (It's a single line):

ln -s /Users/username/Dropbox/AppSync/Delicious\ Library\ 2 /Users/username/Library/Application\ Support/Delicious\ Library\ 2

Start up DL2 and it should be working fine.

You repeat Steps 3 & 4 for whatever other computers you're using.

If you don't have a Dropbox account, go to getadropbox.com
(If you click on this: https://www.getdropbox.com/referrals/... then both you and I get a bonus 250 mb to our free accounts when you sign up)
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