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DL3.7.1 AND 3.9 both still work fine for me on Catalina.

DL3 still works for me. I use an old 2011 Macbook Pro which did have High Sierra on it but I used Dosdude1's hack so that Catalina could be installed, and now it is running Cat quite happily. I have DL3.7.1 and DL3.9 both available to use. I WAS using 3.7.1 with no major issues. However, at some point I noticed that others were having some issues with 3.9, so I decided to install it and have a go. Firstly, I renamed my 3.7.1 version of "Delicious Library" in my Apps folder as "Delicious Library 3.7.1". Then I downloaded 3.9 to my desktop, and installed it on the desktop. It seemed to work fine from there. So I renamed this newer version "Delicious Library 3.9" and then dragged it into my Apps folder, so that it sat NEXT TO 'Delicious Library 3.7.1", rather than overwriting it. Then I dragged this onto my taskbar, so that I actually have TWO DL icons on the taskbar. I can hover over either and of course it now tells me which one is which. SO I can choose which one to use. And BOTH seem to work fine with Amazon USA, so I'm a happy bunny. I LOVE using Delicious Library, so despite the problems with Amazon, I will keep using it, even if I have to make blank copies of CDs and Vinyl and then fill the details in myself. Thank you, Will, for taking it up to 3.9. Long may the occasional tweaks and revisions continue.