I’m more and more disappointed

DL3: Missing Details Sidebar?!

Oh my!

With every minute of use of DL3 I miss more and more things of DL2 .... ;-(

Do I see it correctly, that you can't have the Details Column right in the window
(I don't know the correct name; in DL2 in the Pull Down Menu the name in german is "Artikel / Artikelinformationen einblenden")?

I love it, no I need it, to have information at my fingertips with just one click on an item. And another click on another one.

Please tell me, theres a way to have this Details Sidebar in DL3?!

Only a few minor negative discoveries more and I regret buying DL3 ... ;-/

First the problem, that the list view only show only half as many items as in DL2 because of the mandatory Title and Director field.

Second the problem, that on closing DL3 it forgets the window size, place and other view adjustments. In DL2: no problem!

Now the missing Details Sidebar ....

Greetings from Germany,
Matthias B.
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