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Dutch searchable database (movies, books, games gadgets, etc)

So I've been using DL2 for a couple of days now. Really enjoy it, looks pretty and works like you would expect it to. My only big problem is the limitations on EAN/UPC/ISBN items found when I scan them. I know this is due the lack of languages in the amazon databases. Now I have to manually add over 500 DVD titles, will cost me like forever to build my library!

I've got a link to fill those gaps for Dutch (maybe even a large amount Belgium titles too) items. It's the single largest online store in The Netherlands:


It has searchable ISBN10, ISBN13 and EAN codes. Supplies extra information like cast, directors, authors and images. Movies, books, elektronics, games, music.

I would really really really like you guys to add sites like this one for us Europeans that don't have Amazon.
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