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Warning Message to Potential Updaters from DL3.x.x to DL3.9 at the current time (mid March 2020)

This is a message to Potential Upgraders.
Sadly, the evidence from 'the usual 'helping hand' posters, such as myself' on this forum, as well as from new users and recent upgraders on the forum, is that the VERSION 3.9 HAS AN ISSUE at this point in time, mid March 2020.

Please note: I do NOT work for the company, I am just an experienced fellow user who tries to use his knowledge to advise others with the program.

My advice, and I think most who have tried it would agree, is to beware of upgrading your previous version (if it is 3.7.1 or 3.8.3) to the current version 3.9.
Version 3.8.3 (and I am pretty sure 3.7.1 is ok too) both still seem to work properly with ALL operating systems including Catalina, and wit Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.
Version 3.9 however, does NOT currently search properly via barcodes or by you entering data into the search bar manually, with the only two Amazon databases that it can access. (USA and Canada) There is clearly a mismatch between the API settings that DL3.8 uses to access Amazon's information about products, and the 'API doorway' through which Amazon allows that to happen.

As yet, Wil, the developer of Delicious Library, does not appear to have solved this, but we must hope that in due course, he will, and that he will make a working update available to all users.

So the recommendation has to be at the moment to stay with earlier versions of DL3, particularly version 3.8.3 which DOES seem to do everything properly, and DO NOT DOWNLOAD 3.9 AND INSTALL IT IN PLACE OF 3.8.3.

Sadly, to compound the problem, Apple's Appstore is currently showing users that there is an update available to them if they have versions of DL3 prior to 3.9, and it is therefore automatically advising them to update to 3.9, and therefore inadvertently leading unwitting owners into a problem...And of course many will just follow that link and as a result, find a problematic program is installed on their computer.

But there IS a way around this which helps you to try out 3.9 safely.
What you need to do is: Before downloading 3.9, go into your Apps folder and find your current DL3. Load it up, and check which version it is, eg 3.7.1, 3.8.3, etc. Then RENAME the App in your Apps folder. Actually rename it with the version number. So if you have 3.8.3, actually change the App's name from "Delicious Library" or "DL3" to "DL3.8.3". This will then allow you to download 3.9 safely, which will install NEXT to your old version in your Apps folder. And when you HAVE done installed 3.9, rename that one too, to "DL3.9". This will allow you to try out the recent version, but you will also have the previous version available to you, and you can check for yourself how each one performs.

I have attached a couple of screenshots of how it looks on my computer, both in the Apps folder, and on my desktop taskbar.
(I currently have 3.6.2, 3.7.1, 3.8.3 and 3.9 all installed separately so that I can compare performance and use whichever works. I shouldn't have to do this, but it IS the solution at the moment)

Final recommendation: It is always good practise to keep a copy of the DMG file that is used for installing each program, somewhere safe, and preferably on a spare USB hard drive, so that you can always reinstall a previous version if there are issues or if your computer's Operating System crashes and you need to set it all up again.

My request to Wil Self is:
Wil, firstly, I hope you are well. We, the loyal users of Delicious Library, rely on you to help us keep our DL3 libraries working as reliably as possible. We know the difficulties that you have faced with the various Amazon sites around the world, but PLEASE can you discover why 3.8.3 still works and 3.9 fails to, and put an update in place that combines the working aspects of both. In the meantime, can you please make 3.8.3 available again to those who have had issues, please? Thank you.

I hope this helps!

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