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Newbie to DL

Hi! I just wanted to say that I bought DL3 yesterday and I'm looking forward to using it . I scanned in half of of my movie collection yesterday in less than 2 hours and calculated over $6,000 in value! What sold me on this product was mainly these things:

the iphone app scanner
the database linkup with
the ability to calculate replacement cost for insurance purposes
the ability to create multiple shelves

My personal reasons to use this product is for our movie collection (It's just out of control!) Also, i've been trying to downsize my music collection and have been selling cd singles on With your product I can now create a shelf of music to track the ones that I'm going to sell directly through Amazon. I have about 90 cds i want to sell. If i can sell at least $25 worth, then my investment will pay for itself. I think most people dont know about I figure I will get more sales through Amazon.

I do feel that this product can only get better with upgrades from suggestions that I've already been reading about on the forum, or in reviews. I do wish it was connected to for my music catalog. Hopefully you can work on getting that done. I've already read that other people have suggested it too.
  • I purchased DL3 first (of the 2 applications I purchased over a long weekend) and yes it is easy to scan things in. My problem lies in not getting my information to my iPhone so I know what is in my library should I find a movie I want to purchase. The collection is large enough that I cannot remember it so that is the biggest reason for buying DL3 or any program like it.

    But DL3 will not sync with iOS devices and DM says it cannot provide that functionality nor do they offer anything that really works. Try reading a PDF file on an iPhone, or search the file for a movie. DM says to create a template but in how many years has DM not provided information on how to create templates. In fact there are posts all over the forums about how templates are a DIY project for the users to reverse engineer. But DM sells DL based on a template feature they cannot even explain or really support.

    As long as you only need to view your library at your computer, DL3 works fine. Need to take the library with you, good luck.
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