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Soft launch of Delicious Library v3.4

We submitted a new build of DL3 to the Mac App Store today. Our previous method with updates was to push out changes to our direct customers -- those who downloaded and licensed the version here -- immediately. App Store customers would have to wait for Apple to do their own testing and usually get their update around 48 hours later.

We switched things up a little this time. Apple has access to a more complete fleet of machines than we do in-house as a tiny two-person company. (The Delicious Monster headquarters is literally a house.) Wil coded some substantial changes this time, and we'd like to give our direct customers that extra layer of insurance. So we're going to hold off pushing out v3.4 till Apple gives it the official thumbs-up.

However! If you're a direct customer and feeling adventurous, download it here:

Bugs introduced by El Capitan that we've patched:

• No longer crashes when importing certain types of text files

• State restoration works again! The main window remembers its attributes between sessions. No more needing to resize and reposition the main window after you quit and restart.

Search-results optimization:

We've also added a feature to filter the selected shelf when searching (like DL2 did) instead of showing results in a separate popup window (which we added in DL3.)

To activate search-on-shelf, click on the Search field, then its adjacent magnifying glass. Select the “Filter shelf” preference from the drop-down menu. Amazon results are still listed in the search popup (click the triangle in the header to collapse them), but the selected shelf will now display only items matching the search terms.

We heard you when you said search-results display was one of the two big UI changes made between v2 and v3 that you did not particularly like.

The other thing customers didn't go for was the loss of the dedicated detail pane on the right. It was replaced by a floating panel in DL3 that some customers found finicky and annoying.

The floating panel is now detachable and resizable. It's consistent between sessions and stays where you put it, even when no item is selected. (This has been true for a few versions, but it seems worth mentioning here.) What I usually do is detach it, size it to the height of the main window, and drag it over so it's flush on the right side. This replicates the UI of DL2 pretty well.

Since DL2's been deprecated, we hope that these UI alterations make it easier for DL2 devotees to make the switch.

More fixy fixes:

• Fixed a crash which occurred when speech recognition was first downloaded and enabled.

• Fixed a crash which occurred on older Macs with graphics cards using the NVIDIA GeForce Tesla driver.

• Fixed a bug where some items from Amazon were drawing very short. (The infamous SQUASHED BOOKS.)

• Fixed a bug where the bottom of the window would appear transparent the first time Library was launched.

One thing we didn't get into this build was Handoff, which will solve the pairing issues some users have been having with Delicious Scanner. Pairing will soon be a seamless single step. We figured it was better to get this more stable version out now, and follow up with a twin DL3/DS update shortly.

As always, please comment here or email me at if you have questions, feedback, free burritos, etc.