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I’m angry and frustrated!!

Does anyone know how to fix a horizontal computer screen??

I absolutely hate Dell. I bought a Inspiron 1520 laptop from you not even 1 1/2 ago and I've had to have 4 factory restores done. I don't download anything onto my computer. I can't- I need this laptop for college. The problems that have occured that have caused the factory restores were absolutely ridiculous. Currently my computer screen is horizontal- I literally have to lean my head sideways to view the screen properly. When I called Dell support to help me fix this, the receptionist couldn't fix it so he recommended that I factory restore it. I can't keep doing this! I have too many important things saved to my laptop to do this again. I could understand if I was downloading numerous programs onto my computer, but I don't to ensure I keep my computer safe. I even have extra anti-spyware on my laptop to reinforce virus protection. So much for that! I will never buy a Dell computer again! I used to think very highly of Dell and now I refuse to ever buy this brand of computer again! All my pictures and files have had to be deleted over and over again, and I refuse to go through this again. If anyone can figure out how to fix my current problem without a factory restore, help is greatly appreciated. My number is 2038889273.
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