Does anyone know how to fix a horizontal computer screen??

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I absolutely hate Dell. I bought a Inspiron 1520 laptop from you not even 1 1/2 ago and I've had to have 4 factory restores done. I don't download anything onto my computer. I can't- I need this laptop for college. The problems that have occured that have caused the factory restores were absolutely ridiculous. Currently my computer screen is horizontal- I literally have to lean my head sideways to view the screen properly. When I called Dell support to help me fix this, the receptionist couldn't fix it so he recommended that I factory restore it. I can't keep doing this! I have too many important things saved to my laptop to do this again. I could understand if I was downloading numerous programs onto my computer, but I don't to ensure I keep my computer safe. I even have extra anti-spyware on my laptop to reinforce virus protection. So much for that! I will never buy a Dell computer again! I used to think very highly of Dell and now I refuse to ever buy this brand of computer again! All my pictures and files have had to be deleted over and over again, and I refuse to go through this again. If anyone can figure out how to fix my current problem without a factory restore, help is greatly appreciated. My number is 2038889273.
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  • angry and frustrated!!

Posted 8 years ago

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Press Ctrl+Alt and the up arrow key.
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tanks very good
Funcionou muito bem, obrigado!
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1. Right-click the desktop.
2. Enter the NVIDIA Control Panel.
3. Click Display -> Rotate display.
4. Select "No rotation."
5. You're golden.
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Thanks a million. Mine had to work a little differently, but your instructions led me at least to where I could figure it out. For those like mine, do this:
1. Right-click the desktop.
2. Click on "Graphics Option."
3. Scroll down to "Rotation" and select "Normal"
4. You're all set!
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Thanks 3 million..Mine worked like Karen...I just called Dell and bcuz my warranty expired they were about to charge me 59.99 jus to do this.. Unreal.. Thankx for saving my laptop and me 60 bucks..
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My computer is a microsoft windows xp and i was playing a game then the screen moved to the farthest side of the screen and i see most of it except a thick line on the side and i don't know how to fix it. i tried auto screen adjust and mainly going on horizontal and went to 0% and nothing what do i do please help.
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found the problem ... fixed mine ....
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You could always try the keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl+Alt+the up arrow key – all at the same time.

If the above does not work these instructions are generic and may be slightly different for your particular system:

Right click on the desktop > properties. Now open the Settings Tab. Click the Advanced Button. Open the Rotation Tab & adjust.

Not sure if this could work but...try this...
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post ANY problem you have on the "whats your computer problem" page

im happy to help whatever the problem!!
ill get to work straight away.
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click on ctrl - alt - and up arrow all at once. that should fix the problem
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