Inspiron 1501 battery won't charge and doesn't recognize A/C adapter

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I've had my Inpsiron 1501 for about a year and a half to 2 years. I needed to replace my original battery as every time the computer would boot up I would be given a message to insert a Dell battery or it would not charge. It did however work fine for a few months after the message started appearing. When the battery started acting up finally (i.e. not charging anytime) I bought a new one. It was a model GD761 that I purchased online from another non-Dell retailer. When I put in the battery while I was connected to my A/C adapter the battery indicator light would flash green. A day later I checked up on it and it simply stays a solid green. When I turned the computer on today it only had a 40% charge on it although I'd kept it plugged in for several days unused. The battery display icon on my desktop also says that the a/c adapter isn't plugged in. Looking at some other cases on this forum for different models, a new motherboard my be in order, but that's a thing I'd rather not do. Hopefully it's because I purchased a charger for my old battery and now the same charger cannot be used for my new one, but there may be something else. My service tag is: 4MQ3BF1 if that is of any help.
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I have the exact same problem, I have tried everything. New Battery, new AC adapter and finally a new Laptop altogether. This time it was definitely NOT a DELL laptop. SAD. Every PC and Lappy was a dell in my house- 3 desktops and 2 laptops. I refuse to buy another DELL when replacement parts for an otherwise fully functional laptop cost over 50% of when it was new!

DELL- bad, bad, bad- never again and I am now out sharing this with everyone I know.
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Same problem here...Mine started or I should say coincided with a deep drain someone put on the battery while installing a large program. I didn't have my charger with me and when the laptop wanted to hibernate, I re-booted and then turned it off. Now, at start up, it gives me the system warning about not recognizing the battery. A press of any key gets XP going. So far, I'm a step ahead of some, as it does at least charge the battery. I believe by the quick discharge though, it thinks it's on AC...