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M1330 battery problem/"plugged in, charging" but not charging; dies immediately when unplugged

Well looks like another M1330 battery issue. Everything has worked fine for the past almost 2 years now, and during my finals week, I went to study with my laptop in another room and as soon as i unplugged the AC adapter, the computer immediately dies. I tried turning it on, and unless it is plugged into the AC adapter it remains off, with absolutely no lights turning on. Tried to see again if it was a fluke, and again as soon as the AC adapter is unplugged, it shuts down. I tried doing some research to see what I could find but with no success. When the computer is off but plugged into the AC adapter, the battery light flashes red/amber and blue. When the computer is on and plugged in, it says "plugged in, charging", but the battery meter has continued to read 69% the entire time it has been plugged in, without going up or down. Not sure if I just need a new battery or what...I'm hoping its nothing more than that. Anyone have any ideas?
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