Paid Dell for next day onsite warranty. They say it will take more than a week!

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I am an IT consultant and routinely recommend computer hardware and software to my clients. For many years I have felt comfortable recommending Dell desktops, laptops and servers to my clients and have purchased several for myself as well. I have generally had good experiences dealing with Dell tech support and when my clients or I have needed warranty repairs they have been handled in a timely and efficient manner. Unfortunately, I had an experience last week which makes me hesitant to continue recommending Dell.
A client called me Wednesday with a problem, their Latitude D620 was dead. It would not turn on at all. I explained to him that this was probably the same problem that I had experienced with my own D620: The NVIDIA GPU had failed and the motherboard needed to be replaced. I gave him the Dell Gold Tech Support phone number and described the procedure he would need to follow and they would repair his laptop on Friday (it was already too late in the afternoon for the parts to be dispatched for repair on Thursday.) He spoke with the Dell technician who explained that the part would be shipped on Thursday for Friday delivery to a technician who would call to make an appointment to repair his laptop.
So far so good.
Friday morning arrived and my client received an automated phone call to let him know that the part needed was out of stock. My client called Dell Gold Tech Support and was told that the part was on back order and was expected in about a week.
I was shocked!
This laptop was purchased with 4 years of next business day onsite service with Gold Support and CompleteCare. The reason someone purchases a business class computer with all of the support options is because they need their computer every day. The problem with the failing NVIDIA GPUs has been known for months so why hasn’t Dell made sure that they are on top of the problem by making sure that they have sufficient replacement parts so they can honor their warranty?
Needless to say, I am very disappointed! I followed up with Dell and asked for a loaner or a D620 motherboard with a different cpu or one without the NVIDIA video. They were unwilling to offer any help to my client other than waiting for the part to come back into stock.
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  • frustrated and disappointed

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In October 2008 after the second hard drive failed and the laptop died again, Dell Tech Support sent out the parts and a contracted Technician to repair the Inspiron 1705. The Technician replaced most of the parts, but found that the replacement NVIDIA®GeForce graphics card had not been sent and was missing. He found upon enquiring that there was some sort of manufacturing problems and the card would not be available until February 2009 and had not been sent. But as soon as the Dell warehouse got them in they would ship one out so my laptop could be finished to be repair.

That meant that Dell was willing to have my laptop sit around unrepaired for months waiting for parts rather than offer some alternatives. After several calls to Dell and a number of almost screaming matches Dell technical support reluctantly agreed to temporarily lend me a lower level graphics card that would be replaced when NVIDIA would be available. On this occasion it only took an additional 10 days for my laptop to get repaired.

I will buy Dell again >>>when Hell freezes over
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Hi,my inspiron 9400/1705 nvidia Go7900 gs card has died,warenty out,called dell spain for help,the quote to fix it,1030 euro,1200 bucks plus,two year old laptop in the trash can,thanks dell spain,hope they live through the world crisis.
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Backordered = Nvidea f***ed up , and a ton of those systems are affected. So everyone that bought a system from a 7 month period all has this issue with there mobo. And thats thousands and thousands of people. Don't be shocked just because you have the best contract that you would have to wait too. Just face the fact that they can't make the system boards fast enough.
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This happened to me also but instead of a part being back-ordered Dell simply forgot to order it for a couple days, and I have next day on-site 4 year warranty support. The sad thing is that wasn't the only issue that I had with Dell's support... I had a half dozen issues.

This is why I will never buy Dell for home or my current business or any future businesses. Dell is not an ethical company. Too bad too because I didn't feel this bad about Dell UNTIL they treated me to their outsourced incompetent team. Dell needs to teach their teams about quality and service.
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Dell GOld Warranty on my D410 laptop is excellent! Two calls, [one was to India and the respondent had perfect English and the correct information to immediately redirect me}], and I had Christopher at Gold Support. He put the order in with no fuss and a great deal of good will and efficiency.

Today, [3 days later__a weekend intervened], Charles Jackson of Unisys, the local Dell warranty service vendor, actually picked me up at the bus stop and drove me 1/2 mile home where he did a great 1 hour Mobo and assorted other issue repair job courteously and with great advice, information, and personality.

I am very pleased as the warranty dies in 19 days. Dell and Unisys could not have handled this better.