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Virtual desktops on Windows? With Deskpot can

When you need to work on computers having several windows open simultaneously, the space of a single desktop may not be enough. It is here that come into play programs like Deskpot.

Deskpot is a free software that allows you to have and manage virtual desktops on Windows. Virtual desktops are working environments independent - each with its background and its open programs - which can be used simultaneously on a computer to better organize work and crowd extremely Desktop principal.

As mentioned, Deskpot has advanced features that allow you to manage virtual desktops to better personalize them in all their aspects. By accessing the control panel software, it is possible to set properties of each work environment (background, resolution, etc..) And enable various plug-ins (Extra) that make use of the program easier and attractive.

These include a "Dexcube" that allows you to have the effect 3D cube typical Linux switch from one virtual desktop to another and "Sevendex" that allows you to get a list of all workplaces open form preview in the taskbar of Windows 7.

Deskpot uses very little RAM (about 4 MB), is completely in Italian and can create up to 20 virtual desktops. From stress, then the feature "Catalogue of windows through which you can get similar functionality Expo Mac OS X on Windows, with the touch of a keystroke customizable.

Deskpot is downloadable from the Download section of all notebooks, such as VGP-BPS9 battery, Sony VGP-BPS8 battery, Dell Inspiron XPS M140 battery, Dell Inspiron XPS M170 battery, Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS, Toshiba PA3506U-1BRS battery and so on or else laptops.

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