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Why doesn't my Dell Vostro 1000 turn on anymore?

A few weeks ago, my dell Vostro 1000 kept popping up messages that it couldnt recognize the battery or power or something, but the plug was already plugged.. then a few days later, when i would turn on the laptop, it turns on to the Loading Windows screen and i noticed the little battery thing thats usually green was orange-red and even though it's been charging. Then the screen says Need to charge laptop-something like that-press F1 to continue.. So then i pressed F1 to continue but then immediately it turns right back off! When I try to turn it back on, it wouldnt! but if i take out the battery and put it back it in, the laptop turns on but still does the same problem of it saying its not charging (even though the plug is already in), so i press F1 again to continue and yada yada but then it turns off again so im like ahhhh! Right now im using a different laptop. Oh and i checked how much power was in the battery and it lighted up green all the way..
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