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Dan (Official Rep) March 20, 2013 15:06

Composer Product Announcements: 1.1 vs Pro vs Studio

Dear All, Composer Pro will launch in the App Store globally at midnight US Central time on Thursday March 21st. We will have some announcements on our blog and newsletter (sign up at if you are not on it).

Please do us a huge favor and download Composer Pro on the first day, it will be Free until early April. Once you have a chance to use it, please leave a review comment and rating on iTunes.

Composer 1.1 will no longer be available in the App Store. If you are using 1.1 for a project you have until Sept 1, 2013 to submit your book app to Printshop. Alternatively you can use one of our new products to take advantage of the newer features.

We will also announce a new subscription-only version of Composer called Composer Studio. For those of you on Composer 1.1, below are highlights of what you will see in Composer Pro and Composer Studio. Composer Studio will be available widely by early April.

Pro vs 1.1

New Objects
On Page Audio - Audio object linked to page, has all the features of the old audio, except channels. Has auto play, loop, auto end of page disappear, can mute when the index layer is shown. Set volume commands don't override the mute state.

Ability to import Assets directly from Dropbox
New image picker that shows the icon, filename, image size and RAM usage.
Each Book now has its own folder and all the assets are stored in the folder. So no more wading through all the other book's assets.

Pro will not support Import DCB function.


Pages can no longer be arranged such that the Cover page is replaced causing books to corrupt.
Cover page, master and index can not be deleted.
If you touch the Preview Button twice it won't cause the app to crash.

New Objects menu
Ability to rearrange object order, delete objects and select objects.

Book Details
New icons fields and image size checking
Price Tier increase per export bug fixed.
A new low impact stop button mode, great for if you want to scree shot something.

General Properties
Dragging now renders the area it is allowed to moved in on workbench
Ignore On/Off now works

On Touch particles - when a user touches a page, particles are spawned.

Auto Rest Page - this will call reset for repeatable action on the page when it disappears automatically for you.

You can now import Text from a html file.

Animations & Spinner
You can now replace the frames from a Zip in an existing animation
Behaviours to advance forwards or backwards a frame.

Movie Objects
You can now select the file to map a movie object with
Now support 9 extra movies that you can switch to with behaviours

Physics Objects
Gravity for the book can be changed
New Spring joints
New "any" collision event
Static bodies

You can now access objects on the Master from any page, they are at the bottom of the objects list past the audio objects to help make the separation clear. Great for hiding nav arrows when needed, also allows you to make proxies to make one page effect another.

Motion :
Now you can move BY as well as To
All movement types allow for a random +/- modifier to be applied
Fade To and By now work on Physics objects

Set Hidden On/Off no Event - this allows for boolean logic gates to be built, as well as behaviour blocking

This now holds till any blocking actions
Move To X over T
Wait T/2
Move To Y Over T/2
won't work
As wait T/2 will wait until the previous behaviour will finish, which is T before letting it move on.
This means you can now just do this
Behaviour over T
Wait 0

Studio vs Pro

New features will be released via Composer Studio more rapidly than in Composer Pro.

Import DCB via iTunes and Dropbox is supported
New Objects
Touch Zone - This object reacts to touch like an object does, useful for speeding up the mapping of transparent senders.
Hot Zones - This object detects and send events when other objects enter into or leave its defined area.