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Building app on the iPad Pro...use retina graphics?

I began building my app on an iPad 3, following the advice I saw on here to export graphics out in both standard and retina sizes using the script provided. To save app space, I was building the app using the standard images, knowing that if I included retina images named with "-ipadhd" at the end in the same folder, those would be automatically used once published (is that correct?). But I just received an iPad pro for my birthday, and have started to continue to work on my app on that.

...but now I'm noticing that the graphics don't look very good on it. It's clear that the standard resolution graphics aren't really meant for iPad pro resolutions. If I use the retina images when building the app, it looks good though. So should I be using those, even though they'll take up more space? Or is it wiser to stick to standard graphics in Composer, even though it may look a little pixelated when I build/test it on my ipad? What is the norm now that most people own newer versions of ipads?
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