Easier use of Inspector?

When positioning some objects it helps to have the page enlarged, but in this state it is not possible to select the page, which I want to do in order to select the next object to position when that object is under another. Once another object is selected it is not possible to reduce the page size, which is necessary to select the page. The only way I have found to get out of this quandry is to go to another page and back to this page. Am I missing something or can another way to select the page be added?

I also find that Inspector often covers, or partially covers the object I am trying precisely position, whether I get Inspector via the object or the icon at the top of the page. When dealing with an object that is under other objects and on right hand side of the screen, there is not a way to select it other than through the page top icon which makes Inspector cover it up. Might it be possible to make Inspector draggable?

Great program...but easier would be easier.
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