Feature request: Behaviour 'Exit' strategy

It would be very useful to have a Behaviour EXIT action to improve the logic flows of lengthy behaviour scripts... "IF ThisEvent THEN EXIT"

For example, one could have a lengthy behaviour script which one could easily make more dependent on user interactions which currently is not possible because there is no nesting of behaviour scripts.

I am thinking along the lines where an author could 'hide' or 'show' objects which in effect could be used for visual (true) or hidden (false) boolean logic. This is elementarily possible with the current behaviour functions of test "IF Object Shown Then DoSomething"... where it doesn't work is you may have a lengthy Behaviour script, for example, which does a whole bunch of things over time and you want to NOT do some of the behaviours actions if the user has done something specific on a page before the lengthy script has completed.

There is no easy way to do this currently, but if you introduced a simple "EXIT" behaviour action one could easily place some logic in the lengthy scripts at the points you want to test for user interaction before doing something.

For example, the simple statement placed into a behaviour script of "IF Object Shown THEN EXIT" or "IF Object Hidden THEN EXIT" would provide simple but powerful exit branching functionality to get out of the script in question and provide a further level of intelligent interactivity with very little dev work (he says not knowing how the Composer code is structured :) )

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