Feature request: Controlling the sharing of books

Whilst the sharing of books is a great idea and i think a necessity in collaborative development there are times when you certainly don't want the recipient to get into the underlying code or gain access to the assets.

The ideal situation i think is to just have a "reader app" to share to which will then just allow the recipient to view the book, the recipient buys the reader app ... perhaps this is another revenue possibility... a cut down version of composer that only allows the reading of a .dcb file for a lower priced offering!

This could also present a way to facilitate a non-commercial (for the author) way of distributing Composer books... i am thinking about the education market where teachers/authors can prepare publications which are then distributed to the pupils/students who only need to purchase a low cost reader app... the same could apply to corporates wishing to distribute learning materials or corporate publications!

Failing this another alternative for protected access would be to add password control to Composer for the editing of a book, which would then prevent mishaps or unwanted asset access.
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