Feature request: System/Global Variables

Composer is streets ahead of anything else but the ability to provide a little bit more conditional logic into behaviours, some user personalisation ability and counters for scoring would put Composer leagues ahead and open up other niches.

User Customisation
Text variables which could lend themselves to a limited form of user customisation would be very useful... e.g. they could be used to set a reader's name, a pet name, parents names etc... which could be then be merged into text placeholders of a book to give a personal flavour to the publication... especially pertinent for children's books! This would require some user input functionality but it would be worth it in terms of a great personalisation feature which as far as i have seen no-one else is doing on the iPad. I would see it functionally as a once only activity, if the author activates it and the user wanted to personalise the book, to select it in a settings option after the initial download... e.g "If you want to personalise this book click the settings tab".

I would also like to see some ability to set, test and increment/decrement counter variables in behaviours. A simple counter can go a long way to accumulating and managing a simple scoring system for the reader meeting puzzle challenges within a book for example or for allowing access to reward sections of the book based on achievement scores.

Conditional logic behaviours
Also a simple boolean variable for true or false scenarios would also be a useful addition... e.g. "IF firstTimeRead THEN Jump to Page" etc. The naming of the variables could stay simply as defined e.g. Boolean1, Boolean2 etc. and the author could map them to their own usage needs e.g "IF Boolean1 THEN Jump to Page".

Just a small set of global variables would suffice which are pre-set into a publication and updated/saved by the reading app. Perhaps something like 10 Boolean variables, 10 Number variables. 10 Text variables?
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