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How the heck do I create Physics in latest version?

I am so confused on how to add physics in this app version...all the forum responses are outdated. I'm just trying to make a simple physics simulation like a ball bouncing. But I don't see any place to turn the physics on. When I go to page Effects, there's only "behaviors" and "audio." And I'm not finding any options to turn on physics under behaviors, just "restore/suspend physics." And if I go to the options for an object, like the ball, there also is no option for physics. Am I missing it? I'm looking at the sample guide basketball physics page, and still can't seem to deduce how it was set up. I can see that there is audio for when there is a soft or hard collision, but I can't find what made the physics turn on in the first place.

Can someone walk me through the steps for creating simple physics in the latest app version please?
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