New thoughts on PrintShop pricing model + praise/ideas

Hello Demibooks,

You are simply ingenious. I simply cannot understate the awesomeness of the tool that you have created. You will without a doubt be responsible for revolutionizing not just interactive books but also the tools used to create them.

You have done what nobody else has; created and given non-programmers a toolset to actually publish an interactive book in a fun and streamlined manner.
This alone is such a huge victory for anyone that has been researching this new industry.

However, the only problem now is to fairly compensate you for your heroic efforts.
You deserve every single dollar and more for all of the astounding work that you have done.

This is the tricky part. How do you fairly recoup your costs and remain profitable to sustain continual development?

I propose a hybrid approach to selling your godlike Demibooks Composer app and providing service to those whom might require more help when attempting to publish using your application.

Maintain your current practice of keeping the cost of the Demibooks Composer low (yes free for now but later $10+ would still be more than fair). While, allowing the user to make a complete interactive book then going through the PrintShop process and paying you to publish the app to the Apple App store. During this time, your service could also be tailored to help individuals whom might just be struggling with one area or another and then charging them for this advanced service.

This way you make money and the customer receives the amount of desired and customized service that they may require from you.

The next part of my proposed approach is selling an advanced version of Demibooks Composer that allows for immediate Ipad App exporting without having to go thru your Printshop service. However, this will come at a much higher initial app purchase cost between $750 and the maximum $999.99 of the Apple store.

This will give a way for people whom are just starting out to be able to flourish with help from the Demibooks team but also allow more advanced users whom may not need any help a way to actually own the production process and not be dependent on the Demibooks team.

I know that your application is new but, it will catch on and when it does; I can honestly imagine a point where you will be receiving hundreds of books and might not have/or simply desire to have a way to actually publish them all in a timely manner while still maintaining open communication with your customers. You then might move into a Printshop model where you are doing more customized one on one service to help people create their books instead of just publishing it to the app store.


Now here are some ideas.

You have a great thread on this message board where several people have delivered ideas of how to improve your already amazing app. I would love to see those implemented first.

I however, am imagining past those great implementations. I envision that Demibooks Composer will eventually evolve into not only the interactive book publishing software of choice but also the defacto answer to digital magazine publication as well. Yes this is lofty. However, even a single look over the past months over the outrage in not only cost but also the sluggish pace of the Adobe Digital Publishing platform development; a gigantic whole in the market was created.

Demibooks Composer is the answer to this.

Threads have mentioned implementation of video will be included into the next version. That's great and pretty much one of the biggest items needed for a successful digital magazine.

Add in a way to embed videos with a basic player and voila, you can now have recorded interviews for your magazine article. Add in a music player with a few tracks and now an upcoming band has some solid exposure in your digital magazine.

Someone mentioned having a snap to grid function and this would not only help interactive books line up items precisely but would be super crucial and awesome for setting up page layouts with text and photos.

I can see teachers wanting to make classroom lessons for children that are not meant to be really marketed or sold on the Apple Store but instead would be posted on there as Free Apps. These could then be used with the child's parents at home for studying and learning. The current PrintShop model kind of doesn't really help do this. I know one can distribute books over Dropbox but these can also be altered on accident.

Now just imagine the type of fantastic interactive resumes that could be built with your app! But not many people would be willing to pay the $499 just to publish a cool resume as an app. But they very well might spring for it and spend more to be able to continually create rich content.


I foresee, Demibooks becoming the leader of interactive learning and publishing.

Just please don't limit this to a system where the user must always go through the PrintShop in order to publsh. If the Demibooks Composer app needs to be $999.99 for this to be done. Then so be it.

Thank you so much for your dedication and time.
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