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Publish options-In App Purchase Feature

Will we be able to ever take advantage of Apples New In-App purchase feature? I understand there will be no more Lite version Apps but a place within the Free App
an individual can go to buy the Full App or additional content.
If this Feature is not available, is there a date in mind.
Some Kids Apps are for free and make money from advertisements. These Apps have amazing marketing strategies that allow various assets available for further purchases.
Demi Books has a Marketing Advantage because it provides a unique and cutting edge service.
Having the In-App options and publishing to Ipad,iphone and ipod touch would raise the bar.Similar products are already doing this, but there programs are more complicated and will be a learning curve to most.
I am committed to Composer and am waiting for these options to become available.
In-App Purchase
"In-App Purchase is a feature that allows your users to purchase content within your app. You configure this feature by clicking the Manage In-App Purchases button on the App Summary page. This button is only visible if your iTunes Connect account was assigned the admin or technical role, and your team agent agreed to the latest iOS Developer Program or Mac Developer Program license agreement."
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