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State of a desktop application?

Every few months I check back to see how Demibooks is evolving. I continue to believe it is one of the most accessible creation platforms for the iPad. Due to the nature of the content I am interested in creating I need access to a computer / text file assisted coding workflow. I would prefer a full desktop / web app development option, but anything that would allow me to do the bulk of my scripting with a keyboard would be helpful. What is the state of the following:

* Add comments in scripting code
* edit a page's script in a text file (possibly from inside the save file on dropbox?)
* page layout edit and/or preview anywhere other than the iPad? Even with decreased accuracy.

Thank you!
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  • Dan (Official Rep) July 09, 2014 18:15
    1.) That is on the to do list, Not sure when it will be done, but its there.
    2.) Apple won't let us import a dcb ( the script part is the main part they take issue with) in Pro, but in Studio you could export the DCB edit the DFML by hand and put it back into a DCB and import and go. But the script is not IF this did that THEN this and that internally
    3.) Apple won't allow for DCB import making this a dream.... But with enough Studio users who can import we could do it.
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