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I’m excited!

Thanks Demibooks!! My ebook-app "Devian" in iTunes App Store Now

I’m a little bit late in making this post only because the soapbox is not my preferred place to be – however – my e-book App “Devian” is now in iTunes App Store for all to see!! It has been a very exciting few days.

I especially wanted to thank Dan for all his help in getting this little project out of my sketchbook, into the iPad and now out into the world at large. Honestly, what fun this has been. Dan – you’re awesome. Thanks to everyone at Demibooks, for their patience and wisdom in working with new artist-authors (me) and other would-be authors who really want to share stories with the world, and for helping make this possible.

I also very much wanted to share a note with everyone working with Demibooks about this share-space online. If you’re like me, I always wondered “why” information is not posted here on a “more regular” basis. I mean, sometimes I would look and there has been nothing new for 3 weeks or more – and it made me wonder – was I the only one working on a project like this? Where is everyone? Is anyone finishing anything? Questions like this, simply because nothing new had been posted for what seemed like a long time.

Now I know – and wanted to share – that I think that this is more because these projects take so much time and are being created by authors/artists that traditionally work alone. As such, we don’t think to share every little thing that happens along the way (not to mention that we are naturally prone to compete with ourselves much less everyone else). My project has taken 14 months to complete – from writing the story, to creating the illustrations, animations, choosing (and shooting) videos and audio and also the Composer work – that’s a long time for one project.

Once I was finally in the stage where I needed the final builds done, Dan was my champion. But the conversations needed to happen faster than this forum – these turned to emails as the best method to get everything done and in order to make a deadline. A successful one to!

I’m really pleased and wanted to wish everyone working on projects the best – it’s a great feeling to see your work online. Demibook’s can help make this happen for everyone; they know what they are doing.
And uh, THANK YOU again Dan.