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Won't save new bahaviors

This problem just started for me this morning. I attempt to add new behaviors to a page, it takes me all the way through creating it, naming it, assigning ifs, thens, and even when I back through all the menus to see all behaviors it is listed there. But when I go to the next page and it is gone. I go back to that page and click on behaviors and it refuses to save it. It happens making all new behaviors for me. IS there a behavior limit for the overall book?
This has never happened before. The only thing I did differently today than most days is that i backed up my project from the main screen using "back up TO ipad". Other than that, I have not done anything differently.
I am not on ios7. I am on iPad1, I have completely closed the app and relaunched it, even rebooted my ipad.

This is totally bizarre, I don't know why this suddenly started happening.
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