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Still can't eat
It's been 9 months since having my teeth pulled and immediate dentutes put in. Top and bottom Been 3 months since getting my permanent ...
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Olivafix Review
I ordered Olivafix on April17 and I received it on Friday. I opened the box and reviewed the 2 instruction sheets. This paste is applie...
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Has anyone tried Olivafix?  It says it holds for up to 24 hours.  It's about $17 a tube so I want to be sure before I spend that type of ...
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can't wear lowers
On 10/27/16 I had 25 teeth pulled and a temp set put in. The next day I went back he did some grinding and was to returned 4 weeks later....
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new denture vs temporary
8 months after extraction of my top teeth I finally received my permanent denture last week. The first thing I noticed was how loose it f...
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