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Gorilla glue for dentures
We just got our shipment of Secure denture adhesive today and my wife Sherrie tried it on her lowers. She loves it. She has been eating p...
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Need help or suggestions
I need to get all my teeth pulled and get immediate dentures. I am unemployed so only have the medical card. Anyone know of a place in no...
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Secure Strips
I tried the secure Strips yesterday. Holy crap on a cracker! I put it in at 6:30 am and they did not come loose until 10:30 pm. Yes, PM!...
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bottom denture stuck
after 2 and a half weeks I used denture adhesive. Worked great., made an amazing positive difference. Problem here is I can't seem to get...
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All teeth pulled at once?
Hi everyone, my name is Lisa and I've been reading through your message boards and feeling a lot better about what's coming. I do have a ...
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Phantom toothaches
Every once in awhile I get an ache, like a toothache, and I was wondering if anyone else had this happen? Obviously it can't be a tootha...
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Magic mouthwash?
Magic mouthwash? What is this magic mouthwash? I've seen couple ppl talk about it but Idk what it is and when i googled it it pulled up a...
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